Skydiving – Swindon

Skydiving Noise Nuisance

A skydiving operation run by Skydive London is also based at Redlands Airfield.

This has been a continual source of noise nuisance since it was given permanent planning permission in 2000.  The planning story is a long and distressing one. Campaigners against the skydiving nuisance blame Swindon Borough Council for failing to protect residents from noise and overflying. Swindon Borough Council created a “pig’s ear of a planning permission” under Rob Jones the senior planning officer and later under Kimberly Corps (nee Waters).


In May 2015 a group of residents from villages in South Swindon circulated a leaflet in Old Town Swindon  asking people to sign a petition to get the skydiving company to fly more considerately by changing their flying routes.

Petition May 2015

The plane flies over the AONB Marlborough  Downs. The plane causes a noise nuisance footprint from Bisphopstone to Marlborough, including places such as Wroughton, Swindon, Ramsbury, Aldbourne, The Ogbournes, Chiseldon and more…

The skydiving noise is intolerable.

Those who support charity skydiving and who do drops from Redlands are participating in ruining the lives of residents.

Be considerate. Don’t encourage aviation noise. Residents deserve to have peace and quiet in their own homes.