Clearprop! at Redlands Airfield, Wanborough, Swindon operates a microlight pilot training  school. The problem with training is that it requires the fixed-wing and flexi-wing microlight planes owned by the school to flying in tight circles many times in a session (about every two to three minutes) around the airfield at low height. But they don’t just fly over the airfield, they fly over neighbouring land, roads, houses and business premises. They fly in the morning, they fly in the afternoon and they fly in the evening. They can fly every day of the week. Not only can the noise be heard outside it can be heard inside buildings.

Imagine having a business call drowned out by the sound of a loud flying lawnmower. Imagine having to tell a client to hold on for a minute as you can’t hear them. Imagine not being able to concentrate to work or having to pump up your TV sound to ear damaging levels just to hear the programme you are watching.  Imagine not being able to hear each other talk.

Imagine having your privacy invaded by someone peering down on you from overhead. Imagine that outdoor party you were holding being drowned out every few minutes by a plane flying over in circles over or around your house. It make’s me dizzy thinking about it.

Imagine your life being ruined.

This is what some people in Wanborough and Covingham are subjected to.  As it’s aviation making the din, there is no legal redress.  If a business won’t behave with consideration and just wants to make money at all costs, you’re stuffed.

It’s not only Clearprop! who are to blame or so the airfield manager from Clearprop! says. He claimed that it wasn’t his business causing for the nuisance but the members of the microlight club who are responsible for the overflying. However the registration numbers of the microlights causing most of the nuisance are owned by Mr Angus Lacy-Hulbert.  It seems that there is a clear lack of will to “fess up” and take responsibility for being aviation cowboys.

How did it ever get to this stage?

Well, Swindon Borough Council Planners, Council Officers, Councillors and Wanborough Parish Council screwed up the planning permission for Redlands Farm Airfield development. It’s as simple as that. The owner of the airfield William Joseph Smith,  was, and is, a parish councillor. Oh, and Swindon Borough Council have “lost” the original planning permission document T98/298 and then re-wrote planning conditions even though you shouldn’t revisit a planning application after it has been passed….even though they were threatened with a Judicial Review.

According to a Covingham Swindon Councillor who is head of Planning and Transport, low flying aircraft noise from Redlands is a problem. Read what he has to say here…

To cap it all, Swindon Borough Council has finally admitted that there is a noise problem and has decided to give the owner of the airfield planning permission for houses (despite several earlier planning breaches) so that there is a chance that the airfield will be extinguished by development. The only problem is, it might  take another fifteen years for this to happen!

You couldn’t make it up!

Swindon (Swine Town) really is the laughing stock of the county…

October 2-15 update….

Despite Covingham Councillor Dale Heenan promising that Redlands Airfield would be closed it continues to function and microlight circuits over Wanborough and Covingham continue to ruin the lives of residents.  Microlights still fly low over neighbouring properties with no consideration for the nuisance they cause to local people.  It really is shockingly irresponsible behaviour. Obviously the pilots and those responsible for Clearprop! are the yahoo cowboys of the skies…(flying make-believe light aircraft).

What possesses a pilot training someone to fly to teach them it is Ok to fly over houses, the A419 trunk road, children and horses at low height?

They must have a few screws loose….there have been enough microlight crashes at Redlands to earn it the accolade of flying flak alley!